Cinemacomics Hooks-up with William Morris!

Congratulations to Cinemacomics head honcho, friend of Ka-Blam, and one heck of an inspiring independent comic creator, Jay Carvajal for this awesome announcement made on his Cinemacomics website.

“We are excited and honored to announce that Cinemacomics has signed with the William Morris Endeavor agency to represent our properties in the entertainment industry!”

This should be an inspirational message to all you indy comic creators out there that you don’t need to be Marvel, DC or any of the other big guys to get some attention. it just takes a little persistence, patience, and sweat!

Congrats Jay from all of us at Ka-Blam!

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  1. Thanks guys! It’s been quite the long road to get to this point and you hit the nail on the head with the “persistence, patience, and sweat” line :) Thanks again for the kind words!

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