Magazine-Sized Page Template

This template applies to all pages for magazine-sized comics, magazine-sized paperbacks, as well as the interior pages of magazine-sized hardcovers.

Click the image above to download the template.

Open the template in your image editing software (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc.).

Build your comic page to the exact dimensions and specifications in the template.

To double check the dimensions and specifications of the page you build you can paste the template as a layer on top of your page.  If all of your artwork that is intended to bleed off of the edges goes all the way to the edges of the template (the red area) while all of your relevant art, text, panel borders, captions, and word balloons are confined to the live area (light blue) then your page is in spec.

Download the manga-sized template here.

Download the standard-sized template here.


  1. Loving this size :)

  2. I want to print some hardcover versions of my magazine sized book,
    but I cant find the magazine sized hardcover template.

  3. I noticed that the size for the standard comic doubled was 2x the page width minus .375, so 7 x 2 = 14 – .375 = 13.625, so is that the same for the magazine size? 8 x 2 = 16 – .375 = 15.625? Just curious on all that because I’m doing a magazine cover

  4. Yes and … no.

    Your thinking is right, as is your equation, but the canvas size for a magazine sized comic is 8.25 wide not 8.

    So it should actually be 8.25 x 2 = 16.5 – 0.375 = 16.125. Your calculation is off by half an inch.

  5. Could you guys post a magazinesize double spread specs also?

  6. Working on it.

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