Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 25: The Customer Is Always Right!

How much feedback from your customers should you take to heart? And…who the hell are your customers anyways?! Thomas Hall let’s us in on the answers to these and more.

I am not even going to sugarcoat this- believing that the “Customer” is always right in Indy Comics is going to lead you to either the insane asylum, the poorhouse or both, and that is a stone cold, 1000% Truth. That being said, while you need to throw out “The Customer is Always Right,” and move on, I think it’s important to break down WHY this idea is so problematic.

Read the whole thing right here!


  1. This is a great post series! It’s interesting how many of the business problems he’s discussed so far are solved with Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet. Setup fees, risking losing money when not selling a whole print run, inventory management, shipping costs and logistics, damaged books… I am happy to turn all those hassles over to Ka-Blam!

  2. …and we’re happy to take them! LOL
    Your right though, this is a great series of blogs. Thomas Hall knows his stuff and has some unique insight in to the Indy comic world. He’s a pretty cool guy too! :)
    Glad you’re enjoying them.


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