Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 24: Fighting For Your Right To Party

I’m a little late on this one. Apologies.
This week Thomas Hall manages to mash-up two of my favorite topics: Heavy Metal music and quitting comics. If I don’t quit making comics at least once per week,…then it’s not a week. Here’s a snippet:

“Now, when I say “Make a Change,” it could very obviously mean one of two things- moving on from a specific project to do something else, and leaving comics all together to explore other pursuits. Everyone who has done the Indy Comics grind for any length of time has thought about the latter- throwing in the towel and planting a garden or something and never drawing or writing again. Those of us who are still here, however, have come to terms with the fact that making funny books are in our marrow. We have to make comics, and that is just that…”

You can read the whole thing right here!

Play Nice!

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