Tony’s Pick of the Week – Orion The Hunter #1

Written and Illustrated by Clifford VanMeter and Joe Querio

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

This issue includes a special pin-up by Eisner Award winning artist Guy Davis! Part 1 (of 4): “Vengeance is a Wheel”. The Night of Blood cost Orion lost his childhood. His family dead, he spent the next eight years, the whole of the war in an interment camp. Now he has come home. Home to the shared colony world called Rogue. Home where it started. Home where the humans had slaughtered with impunity. On the Night of Blood there was no safety, no law, no justice. Now he wears the star of a hunter. Now he is the law.

In the years following a devastating interplanetary war, a half-breed Marshall tries to keep peace on the fringes of Federation space while coming to terms with his own identity and heritage. If you’re a fan of films like Serenity and High-plains Drifter, or comics like Jonah Hex, this is right up your alley. Rich, stylized art by new-comer Joe Querio, and written by 20-year veteran Cliff VanMeter (Marvel, Image, Milestone, Valiant Comics).

Orion the Hunter – Part 1 of 4 TM and ©2010 Arctos Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “Really cool, well done Sci-Fi comics are hard to come by. This is a good find!”


  1. Thanks for the pick, Tony. It’s nice to see all our hard work appreciated.


  2. Well deserved Cliff. :)


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