Updated: The Hiccups Have Gone Away

UPDATE: 9/02/10

We’ve restocked our supplies and paperbacks are flying out of here at a furious pace. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Original post:

I learned today — with some sadness — that the company from which we had been ordering our binding supplies (glue, laminate, chip boards, etc.) for the past four years has shuttered their doors and gone out of business.

This puts us in something of a tight spot as our monthly supply order from them — which I had thought was just running late — is NOT coming and we are almost completely out of a few things.

Nothing to worry about though as I have found a new supplier for most of the products they supplied and I’m having them overnight ship some of our most desperately needed items.

Most of you will be unaffected, but some of the paperback orders due out this week may run a day or so behind their scheduled date. We apologize for the inconvenience and should have this issue completely ironed out in the next day or two.

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