Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 23: Do Not Pass Go

Writer’s block.  The mere words make me shudder. If you are in the business of creating, you fear this as well. Our friend Thomas Hall gives us his take.

While Comics don’t get as much respect as more “legitimate” forms of Art such as writing Novels or making Movies, on the most basic level of Creation I believe everything is the same. If you ask Comic Creators what their biggest issue is when it comes to producing new work, their answers will probably be all over the map- some may blame “life issues,” such as working a day job, maintaining Human relationships or something in that regard. Other people may fixate on the “mass production” aspects of Creation- having to please Editors or just working with other people in general who don’t always agree with your “vision” 100%. And then there are the people who admit to being flat out lazy… or who just admit that they only push themselves when a drop-dead deadline is looming.

You can read the rest here.

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