Tony’s Pick of the Week- Phobos #2

Created and drawn by Jason Brubaker
Edited by Jeremy Barlow

Standard Comic
Black & White
28 Pages

PHOBOS and FRANK attempt to dig into ENINAC’s mysterious past. SPISS (a lap cat) has hired LOOM to hunt down and retrieve DR. DEFER, a job the unstable bomber tackles with glee.

Phobos: A once handsome and powerful vampire, accidentally stuck in mid-transformation. He finds his dark past to be not so dark in comparison to the darker darkness darkening. The darkness set in motion from his less than dark past must be stopped. Phobos must put the puzzle together before it is too late. But how will he do it? He is just a sensitive and clueless vampire with fantastic friends.

Phobos TM and © Jason Brubaker. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “I love the cool, underground comix feel to this comic. “

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