Tony’s Pick of the Week- Tout Le Monde: The Hunny Bunn Exchange

Written and Illustrated by Gabriel Bautista Jr
Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 70
Part 1 of Tout Le Monde: The Hunny Bunn Exchange, takes you to the planet of Abispa de Miel, where our heroes Sally and Frenchee, attempt to rescue sugar overlord Don Bolio’s girlfriend, Ms. Hunny Bunn!

Welcome to Pan Mundo, where bread persons are as charming as any man-person, and as evil as any bee-man that you might cross! In a world run by sugar, join our two sugarless friends, Sally and Frenchee, as they are sent on a mission to rescue the lovely, and ever so sweet Ms. Hunny Bunn from the clutches of the Mother Bee!

Tout Le Monde: The Hunny Bunn Exchange TM and © Gabriel Bautista Jr. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “This is a strange comic but, strange in a good way. Nice art and kept me wondering what I’d see next!”

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