Calibrate Your Monitor!

A properly calibrated monitor is absolutely critical for anyone who’s really serious about publishing comics in the age of digital printing. If your monitor isn’t calibrated then the colors you are seeing on screen might be — and likely are — significantly different from the actual color values you are choosing when you color your images. If this is the case then the print you receive from us may look very different from what you’re seeing on your monitor.

You can’t leave it to chance and you can’t just assume that your monitor is giving you accurate color. Odds are it isn’t. If you’ve not calibrated within the past week then it is all but certain that what you are seeing on screen is NOT an accurate representation of the actual color values of your images.

If your monitor is not calibrated properly there is a very good chance that your colors when printed will appear darker or much more saturated than you intended. Overly dark and overly saturated colors tend to produce a “muddy” effect when printed — less contrast, less vibrance, etc.

The only way to insure that your printed colors will accurately reflect what you see on screen is to calibrate your monitor frequently.

We’ve talked up the Pantone Huey in the past, but is definitely worth bringing up again. This is an inexpensive (less than $100 online if you shop around) USB device that does a terrific job of keeping your monitor calibrated. We strongly endorse and recommend them. This YouTube video is a couple of years old, but shows off the device pretty well.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I was looking for an inexpensive way to calibrate my monitor. I’ve been doing design for years and honestly it had never been brought up as an issue anywhere before, but I noticed that since I’ve been getting issues from you guys that I have over/underestimated aspects in my grayscale coloring that I do that would have been prevented by monitor calibration. :)

  2. Do you guys use the Huey or the Huey Pro?

  3. We’ve got Huey Pros.

  4. It would be money very well spent.

  5. I bought a Huey Pro a while back, but haven’t been able to understand how to get it to work properly, it just made everything on the screen look blue-ish. I suppose I could try to manually adjust my settings until my screen looks like my printed comic, but that might not work very well. I dunno, the problem I get is that my colors look so much lighter in value on my screen than in my printed book.

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