SDCC Indy Press Videos (Featuring Ka-Blam Creators!)

The Great Media Event of the nerdworld called the San Diego Comic Con is now over. Whew! We here at Ka-Blam love comics, but damn…it’s a crazy time. What a weekend. There was a ton of news to fuel nerd expectations, a brawl in Hall H and more superhero skin shown than the Hulk’s big Ole green backside! Add in some blatant mischief here on the Ka-Blam sites and you’ve got one crazy weekend.

That said, I’m not here to celebrate the mega media event but to remind those reading that there were actual comic creators at the convention this weekend as well. A lot of them Ka-Blam customers! We’re so proud! The great Rich Johnston from the comic news/info site Bleeding Cool gives us a video tour of small press area and allows the creators enough time to pimp their babies.  These are fun to watch and video proof that there are still comics at the San Diego Comic Con. Throw some love at your fellow Indy Creators and check them out –

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Small Press Part One from Rich Johnston on Vimeo.

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Small Press Part Six from Fifth Element on Vimeo.

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