INDY COMICS FAIL with Thomas Hall!

Besides my duties here at Ka-Blam, I also create comics. Although I’ve been roaming around the four-colored world for a long time, I’m still always yearning for more and more knowledge. As much as I think  that I might know, there’s always something new out there, or a new take on an old idea just waiting to satiate my hunger. You get the point, right? So, from time to time, I’d like to jump in here and point you, my fellow independent creators, to some folks who may have some wisdom to offer from their own mountain- top temples.

Indy Comics Fail is a blog by Thomas Hall and hosted by the Backroom Comics Podcast site. Thomas is the co-creator of the very popular Indy comic, “Robot 13” as well as the soon to be released “King“; both from Thomas and partner Daniel Bradford’s company Blacklist Studios.  The boys not only put out a great Indy comic but took the “do it yourself” mentality to the next level by bypassing the traditional distribution methods and “going rouge”!  (Sorry Sarah.)

In his “Indy Comics Fail” blog, Thomas shares a lot of what has made Robot 13 successful and has some great insights into the world of independent comics.  He handles the task with a slight taste of sarcasm and a dry wit, which for me means, it’s thoroughly entertaining and informative.

“Well, I wanted to talk about something practical. Obviously, it would have to be something comic related as well… and I wanted it to focus on something I actually knew well. What I settled on as my Thesis going forward is to answer the one question that I am asked the most about comics from the only angle I can speak on definitively.

That Thesis is: How to Fail at Independent Comics.”

I highly recommend “Indy Comics Fail” as a much needed resource for those who have any desire to explore the world of Indy Comics or for those, like myself, whom have been there; done that and are still wondering what the hell we’re doing!

Play Nice!

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  1. LOL!!! what a title! this sounds really interesting. i wanna hear this podcast… good article. :)

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