Tony’s Pick of the Week-The Disc #1-3

The Disc #1-3

Written and Illustrated by Jay Carvajal
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

Two Hitmen are contracted out to retrieve the disc. Once in their possession, they quickly realize that they are dead men the moment they turn the disc over so they decide to run.

The Disc containing all the incriminating evidence on the Administration has been taken. They will do whatever it takes to get it back before their secrets are exposed.
Tony says,”The fact that the company name is Cinemacomics should tell you everything. Jay’s stories are cinematic and flow as if a great, action/adventure flick is unfolding within the panels.  This 3 issue mini series has everything you’d want in such a flick! Oh wait…I meant comic!”

The Disc TM and © Jay Carvajal. All rights reserved

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