Wayne’s Pick of the Week – Draculasaurus #1

Written and Illustrated by David Burson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Draculasaurus eats a nuclear submarine and gets an atomic belly-ache. He eats some flowers to cool his stomach, but this only makes things worse, so he goes to sleep in his coffin, but when he wakes up he finds his atomic powered lotus dream has propelled him to the moon. What he discovers in the haunted lunar canyons, will force Draculasaurus to fight for his life.

A magical vampire Tyrannosaurus wearing a cape goes on adventures and fights bizarre monsters. It’s a comic with no dialogue, so people of any age or nationality can enjoy it.

Draculasaurus #1 TM and ©  David Burson. All rights reserved

Wayne says “There’s a lot of really cool story-telling in this book. It looks like fun and that’s because it IS fun. Plus, it’s a bout a cute dinosaur who is also a dracula… or I guess I only assume he’s a dracula because of the cape… and title”

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