Tony’s Pick of the Week-Underwater Radio Theater #2

Underwater Radio Theater #2

Written and Illustrated by Frank Zigarelli
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Jonah & Franklin, confront the Emptyframe’s majordomo Gestalt to a standstill. The New Economic Alliance declares martial law over the entire planet and, while fleeing the city, Jonah & Franklin are stopped by Disaster Control. Things go from bad to worse for Jonah, until hope appears in a most unexpected form.

The story follows the misfortunes of Jonah in the early twenty-first century. His carefree life soon comes to an end when a privately engineered artificial intelligence escapes quarantine. This proves to have ugly consequences for the entire world. Saved from the ensuing catastrophe by his grandfather, Jonah now struggles to find their neighbors, the Marzipan’s, but discovering just what has happened to them only puts him in deeper peril.

Tony says, “If you like your comics with a little bit of Euro-Flavor, then Underwater Radio Theater is for you! Frank weaves a fun story with some very impressive eye candy! If you’re a fan of Moebius or the late, great Seth Fisher, you’ll love both issues of this incredible comic! If you need more proof, check out Frank’s website at:”

Underwater Radio Theater #2 TM and © Frank Zigarelli. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thanks for the Shout out Tony!
    That really made my day. Much appreciated.

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