A Tip from Tony!

When I was a young lad, my mom use to tell me I was perfect.  As I get older I realized that maybe she wasn’t telling me the whole truth. That’s right; I’m as shocked as you are. I’m not perfect and Mom was telling me one of those little white lies that mom’s tell to make us feel better. I’ll let Mom slide on that one and in her honor, give out this little tip:

Checking Your files!

I know that you’re in a huge rush.  You’re pages are done, and you want your baby to be printed! Yay! I can relate.  I really can. I offer this one suggestion. Give it at least one more day. Let your eyes rest and re-focus. Let the adrenalin wash from your system. Get some sleep, for Pete’s sake! Look at your files the next day with fresh eyes. Have a loved one, whether they know anything about comics or not, take a look at them. Let a friend, a neighbor, the mailman, anything with opposable thumbs, take a look at them.  Sure, some things just slip by unnoticed but, giving your files a day, or even two, can eliminate a lot of errors down the road.

Can you believe Mom lied to me!?

Play Nice.

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