1) How much will this cost?

To ship the rewards to your backers, nothing.   Zero, zilch, nada.  If you print your comics, trade paperbacks, art prints, or trading cards at Ka-Blam, then we’ll charge you nothing extra to ship them directly to your backers.  You’ll pay only for the printing, our standard 3% handling charge (which covers our packaging materials as well as the Paypal transaction cost), and the shipping.  The only difference is that –unlike a regular Ka-Blam order wherein we ship all the books to you and bill you the shipping costs for the bulk order– we’ll bill you for the shipping on each individual reward shipped.

So for example, if we’re shipping out a single issue of a comic to 100 backers, we’ll bill you for the printing costs plus the costs to ship 100 first class packages.


2) How much is the printing?

You can find Ka-Blam’s standard printing prices here.   And from now until the end of 2016, we’re offering a 20% discount on the printing if you take us up on our Kickstarter fulfillment offer.  And if you’ve got a better quote from someone else, give us a chance to match or even beat it.


3) How much will the shipping cost?

That depends.  We ship everything via the USPS.   We’ll use a weight-based calculation when shipping a package weighing 13 oz or less (to a US destination) and for packages weighing more than 13oz, we’ll use USPS Priority Mail flat rate.   In ballpark terms, a rigid, protective envelope shipped USPS flat rate to a destination inside the US will cost you around $3 or $4.  A USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelope is presently $6.45 and USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes are presently $13.45 and $18.75.   International shipping rates vary.   Once we know what the approximate weights of your reward tiers are then we can give you a price range that will help you figure out who much to request from your backers.


4) Can I ship via Media Mail?

The short answer is “no”.   According to the Media Mail terms and conditions on the USPS website “This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be shipped … Comic books do not meet this standard.”   The conditions also state that all Media Mail packages are subject to being opened and inspected and “Upon such inspection, matter not eligible for the Media Mail rate may be assessed at the proper price and sent to the recipient postage due, or the sender may be contacted for additional postage.”


5) How does it work?

It’s pretty simple actually.  You let us know what your reward levels will be, we’ll calculate the weight of the package and tell you how much each level will cost to print and ship.   Then when your campaign is concluded, you provide us with a copy of your backer report, we’ll calculate your total and invoice you.  Then when you’re ready to print, you’ll submit your files to us and we’ll take it from there.


6) What if I have rewards to ship that you don’t print?

You can either ship those yourself separately, or depending on what they are, you might be able to ship them to us collectively and have us distribute them along with your printed rewards.  When in doubt, check with us.


7) What if my campaign is already underway and I just found out about your service?  

We can probably still help.  Contact us and send us a link to your campaign.  We’ll take a look and let you know how we can help.


8) What about signed comics and sketch covers?  There’s no way you can fulfill those, can you? 

Not so fast there.  We CAN.  Absolutely, we can.  There’s a very simple workaround on signed comics and sketchcovers.  And no, that doesn’t mean shipping the books to you and then you signing them and shipping them back to us.   We’ll print covers and interiors SEPARATELY.   We’ll send you the COVERS.  You sign, sketch, personalize, etc. then send those back to us.  Then we assemble the books and ship them to your backers.

Or if you’d prefer to sign an interior page (either in a comic or a trade paperback), we’d send you just that page.   You sign, sketch, personalize, etc. then send those back to us.  Then we bind the books and ship them to your backers.


9) What if I still have questions? 

Contact us.  We’ll get answer for you.