Coronavirus Statement Updated 4/29/2020
The Return of Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet

Our stay-at-home order expires this week and we don’t anticipate it being extended —-even though it almost certainly should be. That said, we’ve been giving a lot of thought as to when –and how– those of us at Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet can return to work. The key concerns are– can we do it both safely and can we do it responsibly?

What we’ve decided to do is –starting in May– return to something very similar to the plan we implemented in the weeks before the stay-at-home order was issued. Until we are convinced that it is safe for all of us to return to the offices, most of our staff will continue to work from home. But we will have one person in the offices every day doing all the printing, packing, and shipping.

Orders will start shipping out again beginning the first week of May.

We’ll get those orders out as quickly as we can, but with one person doing triple duty as press-operator, packer, and shipper, turnaround times may sometimes be a bit slower than we’d like. We ask for your patience in this.

Also worth mentioning is that few businesses today can truly operate independently. We are reliant on our suppliers and service technicians to keep the presses running. Without supplies –paper, pigment, staples, adhesives, coatings, etc. — we can’t operate. If we have any hiccups in the various supply chains then we could be shut down again, at least for a while. Similarly, digital presses are large, intricate machines with a gazillion moving parts. Breakdowns and error codes happen on a regular basis and we know that our service bureau has furloughed a lot of their techs. Any service delays will affect our turnaround times and could conceivably shut us down again, at least for a while.

We’re still working on the Ka-Blam redesign and those new features and products we promised. Plus, the backlog of comics waiting to go live at IndyPlanet has been whittled down substantially.

We appreciate your patience through this and all the kind words sent to us in messages and emails mean a lot. We’re going back to work, but there’s one more thing we need in order to do that.

You. We need you. We need you to keep making comics!